Elite Capers Crew

The Dog of Lampoon. This doggy forms the central image of our company logo and is the spiritual protector of the Capers realm. If you recognise this doggy, well done. If you recognise this doggy, and own it’s intellectual rights, please email the editor personally and he will try to worm his way out of any copyright infringements.

David E.J.A. Bennett is Capers’ Editor-in-Chief and responsible for all of the website’s output. This includes shonky web design (in which he has no experience), desperate social media marketing (likewise), and the references to himself in the third person as ‘the editor’ when clearly it is he who is writing it (a thing his wife finds incredibly cringey – he will stop that. I will stop that.)

Rebecca Sayce is Capers’ Queen of the Macabre, specialising in horror-comedy reviews. A quality journalist with a wealth of experience in ‘proper journalism’, Becci is a real asset to Capers. She fits in her excellent writing around raising a young baby, tending to her plants and keeping check on her zoo of animals.

This is Valentina Valentino, Capers’ resident lifestyle guru. Italian model turned feminist activist, Valentina is perfectly placed to tell everyone how to live their lives better. She is the creator of convivial content which is both completely captivating and categorically comedy gold (nice bit of alliteration there).

Frankie Yates is a Capers columnist with excellent comedy knowledge and a real knack for turning out outstanding articles in mere minutes. Frankie is another new mum who fits her writing around raising her young child, the ability to do which is just an absolutely admirable attribute.

Adrian Swall is an infrequent contributor to Capers’, but listed as one of our official team (I need to have a word). Mysterious, mercurial, and fascinated in the more debauched aspect of comedy, Adrian has the potential to be an absolute legend of comedy journalism if he bucks his bloody ideas up!