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Since our launch in May, Capers have interviewed a whole big bunch of awesome British comedy people – check out some of favourite interviews here

The Interviews

Issue #5: The Cunt Awards 2021

At Capers, we think it is important to be kind to our fellow humans as often as possible. However, with nothing but kindness in the world there comes an imbalance – niceness will only get you so far. Therefore, for the yin to match its yang, it is equally as important to call a cunt a cunt if they’re being a cunt.

This issue of Capers Magazine is dedicated to the cunts of Britain, acknowledging their existence, and refraining from a counterproductive cancellation culture which will only push the cunts underground and create a hidden society of super cunts! (It could happen.) With that terrifying conspiratorial prospect in mind, we bring you…

The Cunt Awards 2021

The Winners

Interview with a Kunt

Issue #4: The Musical Comedy Edition

When musical comedy is done well, there is not many powerful art forms for direct interactions with our senses. The musical element, particularly, attacks the ear drum, which leads directly to the brain box and fills it with vibrational frequencies that play tremelo on our emotions – our LAUGHTER emotions! In this months issue of Capers Magazine, we focus intensely on those comedy things that come in our ears and vibrate inside, bringing us off to a crescendo and its resulting ejaculation of LAUGHTER all over the place.

One of the finest musical comedians working in Britain today is Jazz Emu. We spoke to Jazz in a very entertaining interview below, and we collected some of our favourite of his pieces in one easily accessible document – also below.

Also in this issue, we talk to Amy Webber, ‘Audience Favourite’ winner at the Musical Comedy Awards; Capers’ lifestyle guru, Valentina Valentino, takes you through a music therapy session in her new video; and the team brings you various other bits and pieces about musical comedy, comedy music, comedy in music and music in comedies.

Our New Look: Orange Is the New Capers

You may have noticed that our website has undergone some cosmetic surgery since the last issue. Gone is the handwritten, pink and silly aesthetic, replaced by a more mature but equally as fun and vibrant orange with classic font. The internet says “Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.” – pretty much all the things that Capers represents, so…

Let us know how you feel about the new look.

The Best of Jazz Emu

The Jazz Emu Speaks to Capers

INFO GRAPHIC: Capers’ Tips for How Musical Comedy Can Save LIVES

Valentina Valentino’s Music Therapy

Click the image and transport yourself to a world of musical calmness…

The Musical Comedy Awards

The Musical Comedy Awards is a fantastic annual event showcasing the brightest and best up-and-coming musical comedy acts around. We caught up with this years’ winners to discover more about the event and tried to find out their hopes and dreams for the future…

Some Words with the Winners

Music and The British Sitcom

Issue #3: Pride Special


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Material Girl’ (Iconic Cover) by Valentina Valentino #PRIDE2021 #Ally Capers Magazine

The British Gay Comedy Icon Picture Photo Gallery Bit

Featured Content


Issue #2: The Mental Health Issue

Sometimes it’s not that easy to “always look on the bright side of life“.

In this issue of Capers Magazine, the team look at the seemingly intrinsic connection between comedy and mental health…

Frankie Yates Joins The Capers Team




If you are struggling with your mental health, reach out to any one of the numerous organisations who are there to help – such as

ISSUE #1 of…

Capers Goes Kat & Kat-atonic

Typical cats are known for laying around all day, leaving half-chewed mice on doormats, and licking their own bottoms – but not these Kats (as far as we know)! Capers catenates with the captivating Kat & Kat Comedy


Kat & Kat Face The Capers Questionnaire


Watch the trailer for Lads – Katerina Robinson & Kat Ronson’s debut comedy series.

READ: Bennett on Lads

Meet the Team


FEATURE: The Editor puts the ‘cape’ into Capers


Comedy legend and Britain’s most miserable magician, Jerry Sadowitz, gave Capers the blurb of our dreams with this classic insult. Thank you, Jerry – from the bottom of our ever-joyous hearts! x x x

William Shakespeare gifted us an essential snippet of celebrity endorsement in 1603 – which was nice. (As You Like It: II, iv)

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