Capers Magazine was founded by its Editor-in-Chief, David Bennett, a journalist, writer, comedy fanatic and jet fighter pilot from Kent, England. The idea came about in the 3 A.M. shifts when watching over his newborn daughter, Penelope, in early 2020. As Penelope and her mother got their much needed sleepies, David would stay up and watch over them like a petrified centurion, eat biscuits, and plough through hundreds of hours of classic British comedies with the volume off and subtitles on. This turned into an idea for a book – History of A Egg: The Fundamentals of British Comedy – which is forthcoming (*title subject to change). The writing of this book threw up so much excess material that David decided to accompany it with a web magazine – or ‘webazine’ as it is known by some arseholes. And so came into being. Capers Magazine is the product of man too scared to let his baby sleep without checking she was still breathing every five minutes, which sounds mental – but here we are.