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Capers Magazine is the brainchild of its founding editor, David E.J.A. Bennett, a journalist and British comedy fanatic from Kent, England. In early 2020, David’s wife, Paige, gave birth to their first child – Penelope – one week before the first pandemic-induced national lockdown came into force. In this period, the new parents would take turns in watching baby Penelope sleep through the night on a three-hourly rolling basis – so someone was always on guard should anything have gone wrong in that period of maximum paranoia. During David’s shifts, often beginning at 3AM and other ungodly hours, he would watch endless classic comedy films and series’ – anything from Will Hay, St Trinian’s or Carry On, to Hancock, 3 Non Blondes, or Brass Eye. This obsessive comedy watching, added to his natural proclivity for writing, turned into the idea for a book traversing the history of British comedy from the first ever documented joke in the Exeter Codex all the way up to meditations on modern comedy rhetoric and the effects of social change on our great subject. The excess material for the book grew so large that David thought the best thing to do – wisely or otherwise – was to start a website. That idea grew into Capers Magazine – the very same that you, treasured reader, are reading now – and the rest, as they say, will be, hitherto, history.

Our Lord and saviour, the greatest man in the world, David E.J.A. Bennett, sat here with some bags.

We love British comedy: Capers wants to drive the conversation about this great art form forwards, being respectful of the past, understanding of the present, but intolerant of those who peddle extremist views – like racism or the more outlandish aspects of “wokeness” – from any age. The rich history of comedy in Britain, which although at points in its history must be corrected in whatever way is suitable, must be protected from overzealous politics. As well as providing our own perspective on the comedy we love, we also stand fast as its devoted student.

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Email: theeditor@capersmagazine.com

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If you would like to have your work published at Capers, or, even more excitingly, you would like to join our team of staff, please submit a draft of whatever medium you prefer, an introductory email, or both, to David at the above address.