CAMPAIGN: Help Digitise ‘The Optimist’: A Rediscovered Treasure of British Comedy History

Help bring a unique piece of comedy history back to life by pledging financial support to digitisation of The Optimist

The Optimist was Channel 4’s first ever commissioned sitcom and until recently the master tapes were thought to have been lost. However, the show’s producers Robert and Ashley Sidaway managed to find the master tapes and are now attempting to bring the show to DVD… but this comes at a cost.

The campaign, which is being conducted via Kickstarter, is to raise the necessary funds to bring this historically significant piece of British comedy back to life.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE

The asking value is just £6,500 – a meagre amount when considering Channel 4’s original budget for The Optimist was over £1,000,000.

There are numerous incentives for donating to the campaign, including signed DVDs and accompanying booklets, but the biggest incentive for any comedy fan is the chance to help resurrect a unique and important part of the history of comedy.

Capers will be delving into the background of The Optimist over the next week with a series of features and posts, and we will try to get some words from those who were involved from the start.

But for now, here is the campaign trailer (below), narrated by the show’s star Enn Reitel, which was passed to us by Rob Brown of Pebble Bay Entertainment.

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