The Cunt Awards

The Ant and Dec Cunty Duo Award 2021

With Ant and Dec being named as the eponymous custodians of the cunty double act award, the field was wide open for a new pair of cunts to step up to the plate. After much deliberation from Capers’ cunty panel of experts, this year’s winners may come as a surprise to those viewers of mainstream TV, but don’t be surprised anymore coz they won it! 

The winners of The Ant and Dec Cunty Duo Award 2021 goes to Rob Becket and Romesh Ranganathan for their work on ‘Rob and Romesh Vs’ for that hotbed of cunty comedy (and cunts in general), Sky. 

‘Rob and Romesh Vs’ follows the pair of directionless twits as they drive around the country in a Range Rover, laughing at their own jokes as if imitating their own audiences from back in the day when they were actually funny. 

Becket and Ranganathan now inhabit a realm of TV entertainment that resembles a sort of comedy purgatory: a kind of reality TV format in which once-quality comedians do stuff that we would all love to do on our days off, while, as I said, they laugh at their own jokes. 

We all know people who continuously laugh at their own jokes, and they’re all cunts. So Becket and Ranganathan’s victory is well justified if for no other reason than they represent cunts who laugh at their own jokes. 

Congratulations, Rob and Romesh! Double cunts extraordinaire.

Rob & Romesh: Winners of the Ant & Dec Cunty Duo Award 2021

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