The Cunt Awards

Political Cunt Award 2021

Matt Hancock: Winner of the Political Cunt Award 2021

Capers Magazine’s panel of distinguished cunt researchers had no problem in picking this cunt out of a field of public life inhabited almost exclusively by cunts, demonstrating the absolutely groundbreaking cuntishness of this cunt.

The Rt disHon Matt Hancock MP has proved himself in recent times as being an exemplary version of a special type of politician: The Torie Cunt. What never ceases to be surprising about Torie Cunts is that, if you put one in a room full of random people, you could pick them out just by their face. Smug and sneering, with a smile to hide the fact they would kill your nan at the drop of hat if it meant them getting a 10% pay rise again.

Hancock was put in charge of leading Britain through supposedly the worst pandemic in the history of earth. So deadly was this disease that we were given non-airtight masks and told to maybe sometimes not go to the supermarket where it was most dangerous, but you could go to 80,000 capacity football matches where it was also most dangerous. 

You also where told by Matt Hancock that you couldn’t hug or kiss your loved ones; you couldn’t go and hug your nan unless you were having an affair with her behind your wife’s back and you were in a lift – then you could hug and kiss her like a dememnted Tory Cunt ironing board. 

Is Matt Hancock responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Britain? That’s not for me to say. That’s for you to say. Clearly he’s affected Britain enough to be named the 2021 Political Cunt at Capers Magazine’s first annual Cunt Awards… 

Congratulations, Matt Hancock! You truly rotten bellend.

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