The Cunt Awards

New Cunts On the Block Award 2021

The Love Island Men: Winners of the New Cunts On the Block Award 2021

Love it or loathe it – this summer, Covid hasn’t been the only thing infecting the nation.

The Love Island bug has gripped the UK in its finely-manicured clutches, hitting the headlines almost every morning with a new morsel of gossip about who’s kissing who, who dumped who, who’s cheating now and who is the UK’s next biggest mainstream media villain.

Despite its title, Love Island is hardly an exhibition for healthy and respectful relationships. So for our first winner, we hereby appoint ALL of the men of Love Island 2021 as the New Cunt(s) on the Block.

Aside from the fact that every contestant is a carbon copy of the one before him – the archetypal sign of a total cunt – the behaviour in this season has been enough for abuse charities to issue statements to the wider public.

Earlier this year, Women’s Aid issued a warning that abusive behaviour was being used as entertainment within the show, following a worrying trend that started in 2018 and happened again in 2019.

The reality show has shown a truly problematic streak in the way it’s contestants are treated, and even more so with how the contestants treat each other. And for this reason, we feel that this award is more than deserved.

We hope the boys can share this award in the same way they believe women can be passed around between each other without consequence.

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