The Cunt Awards

Lifetime Achievement Cunt Award 2021

Piers Morgan: Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Cunt Award 2021

A huge congratulations goes out to Piers Morgan for his lifetime of cuntishness which has seen him achieve relative greatness.

In 1878 Piers Morgan was born in Cuntshire and his potential was evident from the first day…

Fast forward to 1912 when Morgan enrolled at Cuntbridge University, graduating with first class honours in English Cunteriture. He went on to obtain a doctorate in doublespeak and cunty language.

In another year later on, Peers became the Editor-in-Chief at the Daily CUNNNNNT where his best work happened around him but none of it was his fault according to him.

Peas Morgan then became an expert in other people’s phones, pioneering techniques in listening to other people’s conversations – but again, he graciously gives credit to the other people around him like a true leader should.

He then did some other stuff like telling trans people why they’re wrong and making sure people got to work on time by making them run out of their houses to escape his face on morning telly.

I’m sure he’s done other stuff but I’m getting bored, so bollocks.

Congratulations, Petes Moron! A truly deserved victory in whatever this is.

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  1. how can i get a nominations for cunt of year awards. i have a few cunts that need life time achievement of cunt


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