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Insensitive Prick Award 2021

Andrew Lawrence: Winner of the Insensitive Prick Award 2021

You may recognise little Andrew Lawrence for a couple of reasons in British comedy: his near-Pasquale squeaky voice, or his self-positioning as a right-wing comedian. 

Not so long ago, Andrew had huge potential to become one of Britain’s top standup comedians and had built up a lot of momentum on the comedy circuit. Regularly featuring on glitzy mainstream programs such as Michael MacIntyre’s Whatsaname, Live at the MacIntyre, and MacIntyre’s One Night Stand, his self-deprecating, self-humiliating style made him endearing to British crowds and, added to his clear ability to formulate well-paced sets packed with high quality jokes, the sky looked to be the limit.

Any such potential and momentum has long since evaporated, with another nail in his mainstream coffin being hammered home at the end of the football European Championships. The Independent reported that: ‘On Monday 13 July, Lawrence tweeted: “All I’m saying is, the white guys scored.” He added: “Equality, diversity, s*** penalties.”

‘When criticised for his comments, he responded: “I can see that this has offended a lot of people, and I’m sorry that black guys are bad at penalties.”’

These tweets led to a number of comedy clubs cancelling shows for Lawrence’s upcoming tour, and his agent, Richard Bucknell of RBM, dropping him from his books. 

Lawrence continues to make YouTube videos, often ironically bemoaning new perspectives on diversity and inclusivity; he still demonstrates his ability to craft well-structured content, but just in a more cunty way than ever before. 

The loss to mainstream comedy is the gain of the cunt scene!

For this reason, Andrew Lawrence is the winner of Capers Magazine’s Insensitive Cunt Award 2021.

Andrew Lawrence: Winner of the Insensitive Prick Cunt Award 2021

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