VIDEOS: The Best of Jazz Emu (In Our Opinion)

I’ve become a bit obsessed with Jazz over the last few months, eagerly awaiting any new music or announcement or even a tweet, like some kind of Mansonite cult follower desperate for the next piece of… okay, maybe not that obsessed. But I imagine finding Jazz Emu at this stage in his career feels like what it must’ve felt like to be there in the early days of the Boosh or Flight of the Conchords, and that is an exciting thing to imagine you’re feeling.

With new music from Jazz on the way, we’ve put together a list of our favourite pieces from his Jazzed up back-catalogue…


My Brothe: An Email Funk Opera (2021)

When an internet fraudster tries to blackmail you but doesn’t realise they’ve just given you the full lyrics for an excellent opera…

Allergic (2020)

When you realise that your inability to deal with emotions is terminal…

Dream of You (2020)

When “You say it’s weird that I sleep with socks on / Excuse me for trying to keep my hands warm”…

High Budget Boy (2019)

When you drop your phone in the toilet but it’s fine because you heard that putting it in rice can fix it…

Light Touch (2019)

When there isn’t an ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘M’ and ‘E’

Hench (2019)

When being a beef cake is the only option…

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