VIDEOS: The 10 Best Songs in Sitcoms Ever

There is a strong correlation between being very funny and being musically gifted. the number of high end comedians who also make music is massive and there is a reason for that. What that reason is, were not sure, but we would hazzard a guess that is has something to do with the directness of emotional stimulation that comes from playing music, and the comedian’s general need to affect peoples’ emotions.

Whatever the case may be, British comedy has some incredibly talented musician in it’s mix. Without firther ado, here is Capers Magazine’s 10 Best Songs in Sitcoms Ever (in no particular order):

1. The Mighty Boosh – Nanageddon

2. Only fools and Horses – Rodney Joins a Band

3. Brass Eye – Little White Butts (JLb-8)

4. Phoneshop – New Man Ting Productions

5. People Just Do Nothing – Heart Monitor Riddem (Kurupt FM)

6. The Office – Free Love Freeway (David Brent)

7. Father Ted – My Lovely Horse

8. Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace – One Track Lover

9. Phoenix Nights – Black Bin Bags/Corn Beef

10. Mighty Boosh – Ice Flow Song (Tundra)

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