Dark Comedy

REVIEW: Danny Dyer and Decapitations: Rebecca Sayce Wanders Into Hungarian Woodland With This Horror-com Gem – Severance (2006)

In every job I’ve done – from serving drunk gig-goers to waiting tables, to writing page one leads – there is one minefield event that links them all.

Something so terrifying it could rival any horror film you see me review. Something so rife with potential social faux pas it could make a fantastic Downton Abbey season arc.

I talk, of course, about the office outing.

How much is too much to drink? What if I accidentally say something about a co-worker that gets back to them? Is this dress appropriate? Will I ever be able to show my face again after falling into a taxi and vomiting simultaneously after a tray of tequila shots to myself? Wait, ignore that last bit…

Christopher Smith’s classic Severance channels all of the horror of a disastrous office outing with a bloody good twist.

With an all star cast featuring the likes of Danny Dyer, Laura Harris, Tim McInnerny, Toby Stephens, Claudie Blakley, Andy Nyman and Babou Ceesay, the 2006 slasher sees a group of coworkers pack their cases and head to a remote forest in Hungary for some R&R.

But their quaint trip soon descends into bloody mayhem when they begin to be picked off one by one by a psychotic killer.

The horror in this film not only stems from the prospect of a team-building trip – the thought of ice breaker games and speaking in a circle fills me with chills – but also the extravagant gore that splatters every scene.

Decapitations, bear traps and a flame-thrower – the perfect additions to any work outing, don’t you think?

The story isn’t exactly original – it’s basically Wrong Turn meets The Hills Have Eyes – but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in its pitch black humour. The comedy in the film comes not only from the working relationships of the central characters, but the outlandish situation they find themselves in and the clever quips it gives birth to.

Despite working predominantly as a comedy film, there are some seriously scary scenes in Severance that have had me looking from behind a pillow more than once.

Gloriously gory and filled with funny moments, Severance is a notable horror comedy that lives up to its stellar reputation.

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