FEATURE: The VALENTINA VALENTINO Starter Pack: Get To Know Capers Magazine’s New Lifestyle Guru

Valentina Valentino joins Capers Magazine: expensive looking bus-side advertisement

Lifestyle Guru

We chose Valentina to join our team from literally probably thousands of applicants because of her expertise in high fashion, her studiousness in fourth-wave feminist activism, her knowledge on how to be skinny, and because she makes our Instagram look better. These attributes place Valentina in an excellent position to tell you how to live your life more better if things ain’t going so good. We welcome Valentina to the position of #lifestyle guru with great excitement and we are certain you’ll love her too! Here is some of her previous work…

Valentina uses a tiny knife, fork and plate to eat tiny food… that’s just one of her many great dietary tips.

Street Dance Icon

The following video demonstrate’s Valentina’s versatility – she is also a highly accomplished dancer, fully approved by queen of the universe, Beyonce, herself.

Friend of Trend

Valentina lives life on the cutting edge of #hashtags and trending topics positioning herself at the very cusp of the ever changing world in which we live. Something many people don’t know is that Valentina actually covered #IMAGINE by John Lennon two whole days before that famous video of celebrities singing it went viral.

Funny Woman

These two words are not always seen as synonymous by everyone, but alongside her myriad talents Valentina is both funny and a woman. This combination means she was eligible to enter the ‘Funny Women Awards’ – you can vote for her with the following directions:

How to vote:

click on this link


Type your name and email, then:

Name of the person you’re nominating is Valentina Valentino

Webseries is: The VV Vlog

And the link to series is this 


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