Welcome to capersmagazine.com

It is a great honour to welcome you, dear reader, to Capers! Magazine: Britain’s most exciting new website magazine devoted to the world of British Comedy – past, present, future. Some wily know-alls may have noticed the similarity in this magazine’s title and the title of another magazine that went out of print in 1983: Caper Magazine. Well done you! Unfortunately, for those in the know, the similarity between the now-defunct Caper Magazine and our Capers! Magazine begins and ends with their titles. The old Caper, which began its saucy life in 1956, was an old-school glamour mag – which is a nice way of saying “filthy, dirty titty bible”, the like of which filthy, dirty booby ooglers can no longer find on the dusty, mucky-paw-printed top shelves of their local newsagents. Many menfolk of a certain vintage will remember the excitement of heading out, alone, when their beards had begun to show, on a brave afternoon with the intention of reaching up to that sordid shelf. Pretending to look at the more acceptable Shoot, or Match, men would slyly choose between Razzle, Escort, or Mayfair (for those higher-class moments alone) before going for it: reach up, pull it down, eyes to the floor, deep voice, “thank you”, BOOM! and you’re gone. The adrenaline that courses through one’s veins in such a situation is akin only to when the biggest, toughest S.o.B in your area has decided he wants to fight you and you see him coming round the corner with a big stick. But we must not bemoan the death of the past, or the restrictions of the present, and only look to creating new excitement for the future. All good things must be cancelled, and the new must replace the old. And this is us: Capers! Magazine, full of newness, new perspectives on the old, unfortunately devoid of boobs, but ready to stomp a new mud hole into the world of British Comedy. So like our pages, join our journey, and let us now get into some comedy Capers! please.

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