Capers Qs

The Capers Questionnaire: Katerina Robinson


1. What is the best thing?  

Lying on a beach in a bikini. 
2. What is the worst thing? 

When you’re walking through London, it’s windy and pissing down with rain and your umbrella keeps going inside out! 
3. What is the best word?  

Aphrodisiac! I just love saying it. 
4. Ever done a poo outdoors?  

5. (If yes, elaborate. If no, move on)  

I was on a school trip in Cornwall, we were on a hike and I shit in a bush. 
6. Who’d win the battle: tall gerbil or very short giraffe?  

Short giraffe for sure! They’re proper feisty and they have big mouths.  
7. How many times is satisfying?  

If you’re talking about sex then multiple times! 
8. Best way to unwrap a flump without hands?  

Squeeze between your legs then tear with your teeth I reckon. 
9. How many books have you read to the end?  

I do have a very short attention span, so not many! 
10. Which book is best?  

Kat bought me Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov and it’s definitely helped me in relationships and unleashing my sassy self! 
11. Can you ride a horse?  

No, I’d probably fall off. 
12. What is the best age (in your experience)?  

I think 8-10 years old because you have no care in the world and it’s before you become an annoying teenager! 
13. Is there any hope?  

100% I like to remain hopeful.  
14. Who is the problem?  

15. Can I come round for tea?  

Can we mix with other households yet? If so, yes, I’ll get out my best afternoon tea china! 

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Katerina Robinson and Kat Ronson, two British comedy legends in the making, discuss life and comedy with Adrian Swall

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