Capers Qs

The Capers Questionnaire: Kat Ronson

1. What is the best thing? 
2. What is the worst thing? 
3. What is the best word? 
Cuntysackflaps. Can you print that? 

(Yes, we can!)
4. Ever done a poo outdoors? 
Of course  
5. (If yes, elaborate. If no, move on) 
Not on purpose. But I’ve shit myself while out and about and ditched my knickers in a public bin.  
6. Who’d win the battle: tall gerbil or very short giraffe? 
Short giraffe would kick the gerbil’s arse. Their hooves are lethal and they can run really fast. The gerbil would have no chance. 
7. How many times is satisfying? 
Twice is nice 
8. Best way to unwrap a flump without hands? 
You clamp it between your legs and rip it open with your teeth. Works every time! 
9. How many books have you read to the end? 
I read a lot, I’d guess around the 100 mark. 
10. Which book is best? 
The Alchemist by Paula Coelho is the only book I’ve read more than once! 
11. Can you ride a horse? 
Yes. If there’s a YouTube tutorial then I can do it. 
12. What is the best age (in your experience)? 
That time where you’re in the womb and have no finger nails 
13. Is there any hope? 
Some, but not a lot. 
14. Who is the problem? 
Usually me  
15. Can I come round for tea? Bye. 
Tea is dinner in the north and I don’t cook… so no. 

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Katerina Robinson and Kat Ronson, two British comedy legends in the making, discuss life and comedy with Adrian Swall

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