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REVIEW: Prevenge (2016): Capers’ Resident Horror-Com Aficionado Rebecca Sayce Reviews This Murderous Mother of a Movie

As a mother of a whirlwind three-month-old, there is one thing I can relate to more than anything else on my screen – a murderous pregnant woman.  

Someone who can lift a knife easier than she can lift each foot when waddling to the kitchen for her tenth helping of coal on toast. A walking, talking, ball on legs rolling ever closer to chaos and bloody destruction before heading home to assemble an IKEA crib. 

Anyone who has carried a little life force-sucking bundle of joy can attest to how gruelling, emotional, and downright rage-inducing it can be – who thought it was a good idea to put maternity triage on the third floor of a hospital? I want their heads on a platter. But how many have felt like that tiny human is driving them towards homicide? 

Coventry comedian Alice Lowe explores this darkly hilarious concept in 2016 horror flick Prevenge, now available to stream for free on Amazon Prime. 

With an all-star cast featuring Kate Dickie, Kayvan Novak, Jo Hartley, Mike Wozniak and Gemma Whelan, to name a few, the gruesome flick follows heavily pregnant Ruth, who becomes convinced her unborn child is communicating with her and urging her to kill following the accidental death of her beloved husband. 

Packed full of gore and guffaws aplenty, what this film lacks in life-affirming birth scenes and cooing newborns it makes up for in toe-curling death scenes, cringe-inducing romantic encounters and deadpan banter that juxtaposes starkly to the antics of a pregnant serial killer and her malicious unborn. 

There’s something uniquely funny about a foetus telling total strangers to “fuck off” as their mother tries to remain calm and in control, or a senile mother ignoring her eviscerated son in favour of being tucked into bed with her favourite film by the killer. 

Lowe manages to perfectly convey British humour into a spine-tingling slasher flick that can induce laughter and gasps in equal measures. She delivers a sublime performance as the leading lady, giving us a glimpse of her own newborn in the film’s closing scenes. 

It’s dark, witty, and subverts all stereotypes of the pregnant, doting mother-to-be you will have seen throughout the years. A true standout film within its genre. 

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